Elke Van Hoof has a rich store of scientific knowledge that she willingly shares with great enthusiasm and engagement. The satisfaction scores exceeded 90% for all levels and departments. Even now, months after the interventions, the topic is still at the forefront of our minds. Definitely recommended!
HR Director Belgium, Quintiles

A very clear explanation covering stress and resilience, with plenty of information about how the brain works. We also learnt plenty about factors which cause stress, and what can be done about them. It was all very coherent, with real depth and perfectly matched to our workplace. The things which were discussed have already had a big influence on the way we do things.
Manager, ARCADIS

I’m doing well, and I’m back on track again. Thank you so much for all the insights you gave me! I appreciate the way the guidance was given, it was always very supportive and positive. The fact that support could be offered to my husband and children helped remove a lot of tension from our home.

We were given a clear picture about what was important. Thanks to the good humour, you managed to keep everybody’s attention for more than 2 hours.
HR, Roularta Media Group

Thanks so much for all the discussions, assignments, tips, talent list and more, it really helped me a lot. I’m not quite where I want to be yet, but I can’t remember the last time I had so much self-confidence. This coaching deserves a big thumbs up and thank you, and is certainly worth a mention in the book ‘Wow, I’m so great’.
I.W., coachee

I have since been approached by a lot of internal colleagues to hear about what we underwent with you, our approach, etc. I’m convinced that you really have taught us something new. I’d also like to mention here that a number of my colleagues found your explanations really convincing and memorable.