Stress-related problems are increasingly common, which is why we need to step up our approach and take a proactive stance on dealing with stress or adaptation problems in our support activities. Elke Van Hoof has designed a development-oriented neurobiological programme for professionals in this area, and holds regular training courses on the subject.

GPs are overwhelmed by stress symptoms. Stress literally means tension, and puts our bodies into a state of readiness. People feel stressed not only from real dangers, such as an approaching car, but from anticipated dangers, in other words those which do not actually yet exist. The idea of ​​arriving late, taking an exam or not getting work finished on time is already enough to provoke stress. The downside, of course, is that the body enters into a state of readiness unnecessarily. In addition, prolonged stress without relaxation is damaging to the health; the continuous contraction of muscles that occurs gives rise to head, neck and back pain, among others, because the muscles do not have enough time to recover.

Our services towards professionals

Open training courses for professionals
The trainings are for professionals who want to improve their knowledge or skills with regard to stress, burnout and resilience. All registrations are limited; we work in small groups. The data of the trainings are posted in our calendar.

GP support
The support tool gives you access to our knowledge and expertise. It includes templates, information and a checklist to support the care of your patients. Please contact us to gain access to this restricted group. NOTE: only GPs are allowed (based on your RIZIV (National Institute for Sickness and Disability Insurance) number).

Stress, burnout, bore-out and adaptation diagnosis
Burnout and adaptation diagnosis: Correct diagnosis is the basis for an efficient and properly substantiated treatment plan, and allows you to map out the results and effectiveness of the intervention you are providing. The Huis voor Veerkracht can prepare a diagnostic overview of stress, burnout and adaptation for you, mapping out the stress system and recuperation system. This overview can also be used by the occupational doctor, insurance company doctor, health insurer or GP.

Programs for school
The Center for Resilience specifically designed a wellbeing program for school and educational staff, for instance coaching of (new) teachers and sessions “Resilient in front a classroom”.