Task of the day: Try deviating from the norm a little!

We constantly find ways to effectively adjust during our growth towards adulthood. The norm allows us to differentiate between good and bad. It’s the unspoken that sets the norm. Deviate from this norm and you will be “different” and you may fall by the wayside. Of course this isn’t something we want and we therefore constantly adjust our behaviour in line with the norm. Pity. After all, there is so much to experience and learn outside of the norm.
It’s been almost a year since my grandmother Leonie van Poyer died. She always said: “Our Elleke, she’s something special!” For a long time I thought she was referring to the fact I was a “little different”. The direct result: I started making more and more adjustments. I was completely overjoyed when my grandmother said: “The fact that you give the norm some colour is what makes you so special.” And of course, she was absolutely right. Deviating from the norm a little has already resulted in great things for me and especially from the time I started focussing on my colour rather than the norm. We devote far too much attention to the norm and nowhere near enough to our own colour. It’s actually our own colour which gives us direction. So try deviating from the norm from time to time and see what happens. Change your usual routines and see what happens. Enjoy deviating from the form. Deviating from the norm will certainly not make you abnormal! In fact, it will keep you on the right track.