Talent will make your eyes shine

We all know them, those people who seemingly just have everything fall right into their lap, for whom everything always runs smoothly and who are literally bursting with energy. What is their secret? Their eyes are shining! And for more than 70% of the time. Do you ever look into your colleagues and employees’ eyes when discussing a task? It will definitely provide you with a great deal of insight. Do your colleague’s eyes shine when you discuss a task? You can rest assured your colleague will take great pleasure in working on this task. The task will appeal to one of this colleague’s talents. Our growth will happen naturally if we address our talents. It will seem as though time is flying by and that we practically won’t need to waste any energy on achieving our results. What does science say? Absolutely, making good use of your talents will result in increased efficiency, energy and job satisfaction. Colleagues taking responsibility for tasks which make their eyes shine will finish these tasks quicker and their work will be of much higher quality.
Are you in need of more fun at work? Make sure the eyes are shining!