Focus will lead to more time and space

Focus is absolutely essential for growth and success. Yet focus seems more out of reach than ever before. The distractions – Facebook, incoming emails, twitter messages, links via intranet, … – are plentiful and everywhere. How often do you check your emails when you are working on a specific task? How often will your mind wander off whilst finishing off a report? Clear focus is essential if you truly want to be successful at something. Focus will help you to decide where you want to go. And it will help you to actually get there, step by step; it will give you direction. It will be of great help to get you through those moments when you may normally have given up and will assist you with consciously deciding for or against something. So close down your inbox and inform people when you are or are not going to be available. Identify what you are going to give your specific focus to every day and allow some time for unforeseen circumstances, making sure the drama of the day can’t take over your focus. Start your day with focussing on your priorities for 60 minutes and you will actually create more time and space for yourself.