Our objective is to provide the very best support possible. There are already Huis voor Veerkracht centres in Nijlen, Hove, Berchem and Hoegaarden.
Partial reimbursement for the clinical psychologists and psychotherapists is provided via the national health services, although this varies per region and health service. Our coaches use the career cheque system.
Quality is our priority. All our staff are accredited by a professional association, and respect the code of ethics. If you nonetheless have any complaints or comments about our work, you can always contact info@huisvoorveerkracht.be. Any complaints can always be submitted to the relevant professional association, too.

Our services towards individuals

The Huis voor Veerkracht regularly organises workshops where you can learn very specific skills to help you overcome your challenges. You will find the dates in the calendar.

Make an appointment via our online agenda. Cancellation is free up to 24 hours before the appointment.

Burnout and adaptation diagnosis
Correct diagnosis is the basis for an efficient and properly substantiated treatment plan, and allows you to map out the results and effectiveness of the intervention you are providing. The Huis voor Veerkracht can prepare a diagnostic overview of stress, burnout and adaptation for you, mapping out the stress system and recuperation system. This overview can also be used by the occupational doctor, insurance company doctor, health insurer or GP. Please contact us to make an appointment. Preparing an overview takes 90 minutes (excluding writing the report).