Elke Van Hoof is a recognised figure in the business world, and can help in developing a thriving business as an external partner. The result is a successful company notable for its flexibility and resilience, and the maintenance of these characteristics regardless of circumstances.

Our services towards companies

Resilience programme
This programme, which is tailored to your company, department or team, is based on neurobiological insights, and focuses on impact and change as part of a sustainable policy. Click here to download an overview of our inclusive approach.

  • Lectures
  • Workshops/ training
  • Coaching
  • Return to work/reintegration projects
  • In-company HR training: intern burnout consultant

Strategic help with HR issues involving stress, burnout or welfare.

Interim burnout-managers
Developing a welfare policy involves overcoming many challenges. We are specialists in designing and developing an approach which is based on impact, change and sustainability. Our interim managers can visit your company to decide which approach best suits the circumstances.

45+ vitality programme
A programme specifically designed to maintain vitality and enjoyment of life regardless of age. The objectives are job retention and job satisfaction.

Vocational health
The Huis voor Veerkracht trains vocational health experts, occupational doctors etc. on problems concerning stress, burnout and adaptation.

Talent management
Talent is scarce. An organisation need to consciously manage the in-hous talent. Talent Mangement leads to an efficient and lean organisation: motivated employees provide better performances which have a clear impact on the overall profit of the organisation. The Center for Resilience facilitates Talent in individual and group programs.

Meet colleagues during one of our inspiration workshops and facilitate a sustainable and agile organisation. All workshops are posted in our calendar.