Center for resilience
center of expertise in stress, burnout, bore-out and resilience

Prof. Dr Elke Van Hoof is the founder of the ‘Huis voor Veerkracht’, the stress, burnout, bore-out and resilience expertise centre. Elke Van Hoof has amalgamated her scientific knowledge, practical experience and skills into one unique and inclusive concept. To respond to a growing number of requests, Elke Van Hoof collaborates with independent colleagues, each with their own strong brand.
The Huis voor Veerkracht focuses on that required by you or your company in order to reach full potential at any given time in any given situation, regardless of background knowledge. All the services are characterised by professionalism and scientific substantiation.

Building resilience works - intro


The exclusive approach used by Huis voor Veerkracht is centred on neurobiological aspects, which leads to increased resilience and flexibility in your company. The programme results in improved agility, improved employee engagement, improved customer satisfaction and business outcomes.

Services to companies

Resilience programme
Interim burnout-managers
45+ vitality programme
Vocational health
Talent management


Elke Van Hoof has many years of experience in providing coaching for those suffering from stress, burnout and adaptation problems, and she enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise with other professionals. In particular, she works closely both with and for GPs.

Services to professionals

Open training
GP support
Stress, burnout, bore-out and adaptation diagnosis
Programs for school


Our services are founded on many years of providing people with coaching. In individual projects, we focus on change and sustainability. We follow a development-orientated approach where we hone your skills, helping you to quickly and efficiently come up with new solutions yourself.

Services to individuals

Career cheques
Burnout and adaptation diagnosis